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About SSP7

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The SMT-X Self Service Portal (SSP7) offers an Online Service Catalog environment with an user interface designed around the services an employee receives or should be able to order. Employees  have a personalized dashboard to monitor  pending requests or approvals and they have easy access to all available new requests. Compared to build-in portal in the various solutions available at most companies, SSP7 offers a platform that is the single point of access for employees to submit any corporate request. This may vary from IT request to HR Request or Facility requests.

Requests submitted through SSP7 can be routed transparently to the correct approvers or back-office teams and progress can be tracked at any time, using a clear step-by-step progress overview for the requesting employee. Back-office teams have the option to perform actions within the SSP7 portal or to let it connect to their existing toolset. A large number of interface adapters exist for SSP7 to be able to interface with nearly any back-end solution.

The SSP7 system provides a reporting environment that enables SSP7 administrators to produce any audit report or analyse the processing of certain request types.