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Stop Step : General Settings

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Click on the title 'General Settings' to define the General Settings for this Step.


Step Name : Enter the Step Name. This entry is shown to the Users on the Ticket Overview.
Type : Select 'Stop Step'.
Action : Select the action. These options are available:

 - Close ticket : Stop the complete ticket

 - Stop decision path : top the current decision path (that holds this Stop step). The process will continue with the first step after the Decision path.

 - Stop multiplier branch : Stop this instance of the multiplier. The other branches (coming from the same multiplier) will not be stopped.

Decision : set the Decision (approved or declined) when this step stops the ticket, path or branch.
Visible For : Select the Roles that are allowed to see this step on the Overview Page. Select 'All' to select all roles, or define individual roles.
Admin documentation : this text area allows the administrator to enter any text, that explains how the process works. This information is never shown to the end user. If anything is entered, an icon is added to the step in the first tab. On mouse-over, the test is displayed.

Use the save button to save the changes, or use the cancel button to discard any changes.