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Step Actions

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Click on the title 'Step Actions'  to define the actions for the Actor in this Step. Next Step actions provide the actor with available options for processing the Action Step.

Corresponding buttons for each selected Next Step actions are presented to the Actor when processing an Action Step.  Clicking on the button will initial the Next Step action.


The Next Steps section contains a table with the following Next Step action information:

Label : The label of the button, that is presented to the Actor.
Action : Description of the Action that occurs when this button is selected by the Actor.
Visible : Is this button visible for the Actor?
Order : Change the Order of the buttons.
Actions: delete : Delete : Delete the selected Button from the list .


Each Action step had 4 default Next Step Actions:

SUBMIT : When all required fields are filled in, the work flow will move to the following step. This is following the normal flow, without skipping any steps.
DELEGATE : An Actor can decide to give ownership of this task to one of his selected Delegates. Delegates are defined in 'My Profile'.
CANCEL : No input is stored in SSP 7. Closing the browser window will also cancel the page.
ADDITIONAL INFO : The Actor requests more information from the Requester. When submitted the Requester receives an email with the comments entered by the Actor.

You can define more buttons.

To add an action click on clip0120.  This results in a new row added to the Next Steps table.

- Label: Enter a Label for the action. e.g. Resubmit form.

- Available for: Choose who can see this option.

- Action: Choose the action you wish to apply for this Action step

Options for Actions:


 - Add remark : add a remark (note) to the ticket

 - Change Actor : show the user the selection to change the actor

 - Change request form : allow the actor or any other assigned person to change the original request form

 - Go to : Jump to another step

 - Interrupt : Interrupt this step. A specific path can be defined in case of interruption

 - Print : Print the ticket

 - Redirect to url : Guide the user to another URL, this can be outside of SSP.

- Use Form Changed Email : Check the option `Use Form Changed Email` that will send an email to the Actor notifying him/her when the form is resubmitted and his input is required. This is valid when the action 'Change request form' is selected.

- Form change by : The option `Form change by` allows to define who should resubmit the form: the Requester or the Current actor. This is valid when the action 'Change request form' is selected.

- Form Change Profile: You can define a Form Change Profile to be used. This will define which fields can be modified by the actor of this step. For instructions on how to set up a Form Change Profile see the appropriate section. This is valid when the action 'Change request form' is selected.

- Target step: Next, select a step in the current process listed in the drop down selection. The work flow will be directed to this step if this action is selected. You can select any step either before or after the current step in the process.


Use the save button to save the changes, or use the cancel button to discard any changes.