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Wait Step : Wait Step

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Click on the title `Wait Step` to define the condition for ending the wait step. Once the condition set here becomes true, the wait step will be completed and the next process step is activated.


Exclude from Wait Steps : when checked this wait step will not be processed via the Check Wait Steps task, so another service will trigger the check wait steps check. In this case, the 'Wait'-step is not actively checking the value himself, but is waiting for an external trigger. Once the external trigger completed the action, the Wait step will continue directly, without the need to wait for the Scheduler to kick-off the task to check all Wait-steps.
Row 01  : Select the Type and complete the details. The different types are explained in the next pages.
Multiple Conditions : In case multiple fields are required to check, choose the AddConditionButtonbutton. An additional line for the definition of a new condition is displayed. Select how these conditions should be combined to each other by setting the Connector.
Task definition : In order to make the wait step work, a task should be defined. This task will be triggered by the Scheduler and will do the checks for pending wait steps every time it gets triggered. Please note that if the wait step task has a refresh rate of 15 minutes, the check if a wait step matches the conditions set, is done every 15 minutes.


 The Wait Step task should be defined like this:


For more information on configuring Tasks and the Scheduler, please go to the Tasks topic.