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Adapter Settings

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The SAP adapter can communicate with SAP PI using custom webservices provided by SAP.


The URL of the webservice needs to be provided and the endpoint needs to be added to the web.config files. In case it is an authenticated webservice, the credentials have to be entered or the webservice communications will fail.

The Retry count is the number of times SSP will try to create the SAP entities. In case of a timeout it will be tried again the number of times set in this field. I case no value is set, it will be tried once.

SSP user data link field provides the possibility to link a SAP person to a SSP person. Once done it is possible to create entities in SAP and use the SSP logged on user as the contact person. (only necessary when synchronization using SSP is required).

SAP date format defines in which format dates are written to SAP


Use the  "SAVE" button to save the changes, or use the "CANCEL" button to discard any changes.