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You can define the adaptors that are visible to End-users, while checking the details of an Item. Every adaptor links to an existing Form. In the Adaptor, you need to define which fields in the form are filled by My Items. The unique reference in the field 'Field Name', which is entered for each field in the Formbuilder. When the match is made, and the Field in the Form is changed or removed, the link will no longer work.

You can link multiple Forms to a single Item Type, and link multiple Item Types to the same Form.

Click on the Adaptors tab to see a list of all current Adaptors, linked to this Item type:


Adaptors List

Actions : The name of the Action, also used as a label on the button that is presented when accessing an Item from this Item type.
clip0104: Use this button to open the dialog window for entering a new Adaptor.
edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Adaptor.
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Adaptor . alert_1818 Deleting the Adaptor will not delete the Form or the Item Type.