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Add Note (minutes)

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To add a note, or meeting minutes to the agenda, click on

MOMAddMinuteeither under "Agenda items". This is also the email that can be sent out to all participants or certain people only. (see section on "Emails" for more details)

Note taking/Email composition


The note section is an HTML editor with all HTML features.

Variables related to the meeting (series of meeting)can be automatically added - meeting title, documents, agenda items, and people notified.

Recipients, attachment and sending of email



Under the information tab, the email recipients can be specified both in the To (people to be notified) and CC fields (send copy to)

When to send email specifies the timing of email deliveries.

Documents can be attached by uploading them. After they upload they will appear in the Documents section of the Meeting overview page.

The meeting minutes also have a separate tab to facilitate the management of the meeting.