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Advanced view filtering

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A new option is available to allow people to define their own filters on views. An administrator can determine which views can be filtered by the end user (in the view admin panel).




When this checkbox is enabled, a new option is available in the view:




When clicking on the Advanced filtering link, all data of the view is loaded to the client. This process may take some time, but the process is only required once or when the refresh button is used.





The advanced filtering is shown in a separate page and on top of the page all views that have advanced filtering enabled are displayed. Please note that each view needs to be loaded when clicked on.


When the loading of a view has finished the user can start building criteria to filter view data:


Under the header “Filter” the criteria can be defined. New conditions can be added by dragging the green area with the text “Drag and drop me into the expression zone to add a new predicate” to the area above it. When released, the filter field and condition can be set.


For more complex conditions AND and OR operators can be used. To group conditions, use a container. To add a new container, drag and drop the second green zone to the condition area and select if this zone is linked through AND or OR condition. It is possible to have multiple conditions with a container and conditions can be dragged and dropped across containers.


When adding a new condition, a popup is shown that allows you to use the fields defined in the view and then the condition can be set:

-Select the operator and the field
-Type the value to filter on. While typing a dropdown list will show that contains all values within the selected column in the current set of data. This works on code fields and text fields.

After saving the condition, the view is automatically updated and can be exported to Excel. You can sort this data by clicking on the headers.