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App first use

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The first time a user would like to get access to the mobile app a short registration procedure should be completed. The user should go to the user profile page in SSP.

At the bottom of "My Profile" tab, there are the following options:


Enable mobile component: This should be set to yes in order to enable access for the user's account in the mobile app
Mobile component pass key: This is a secret token that should be used in the mobile app to identify an user. This token should be kept secret by the user.
Send me the information email: With this button, the user can request a new email that contains a registration email. Only with that email, the user will be able to get access to his account through the mobile app.

app_first time use

Make sure the App is installed on the mobile device before requesting the email. The email that will be sent by SSP contains a link. When this link is clicked, the SMTX app will open and the URL to the mobile component and userid will be preset, based on information in the email. In case the link does not open the app, open the app manually and enter the URL to the mobile component manually. Username is equal to the uniqueid of the person account in SSP.


The user should accept the general conditions and provide the secret token set in the profile page. When the correct token is entered, a welcome page will be displayed and the user is invited to set a PIN. The setting of a PIN is skipped in case the Mobile Component is configured in such a way that no PIN is required.

In case a PIN is required, the application will ask for a confirmation. Enter the same PIN for a second time. With the PIN set, the application is secured against unauthorized access. Every time the application is closed, the PIN is required to be entered.