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Auto forms : Last Run Results

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On the Last Run Results tab, information about the last time this auto-form has run is displayed.


Last Run Time : Date and time on which the auto-form ran for the last time.

Last Run Status : Shows the result of the last time the auto-form ran. When completed successfully it will show Success.

Last Run Output : Shows possible error messages that were returned in case the auto-form didn't complete successfully. The error message should give an indication on where to search for the reason of the auto-form failure.

Last Run Process : Shows the process map by clicking the ` Click here to open ` link.

Use the clip0020button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the clip0022button to discard any changes. Use the clip0065button to run the auto-form immediately.