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Supervisor Account

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In case the configuration of your LDAP connection or other means of authentication fails, a backup account to get access to SSP is available. This account is called the Supervisor account and is not defined in the regular place for accounts, but is configured in the IIS configuration file. The default installed account is admin2 with password admin2

To change the login and password of this account, go into the file structure of the common application and find the web.config file. Open the file and search for this text:

   <add key="SupervisorUsername" value="admin2" />
   <add key="SupervisorPassword" value="admin2" />
   <add key="SupervisorEnabled" value="1" />

The next step to take is to connect this Supervisor account to a normal SSP account. When the backup account is used, the standard authentication is skipped and the password defined in the web.config file is checked, but the login happens with the account related to the Supervisor account. To link the account, go to Admin - General Settings and select an account for the Supervisor impersonate account.