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Bug Fixes

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Shop / Save as draft in a request not possible

When in a shop request, it is now possible to save the request without first completing all required fields.

Shop / Align bullets on order type level

All radio buttons now appear on the same vertical line

The behavior of move items when editing shops / order types is incorrect

The behavior of the arrows has been corrected

Web store matrix error

Empty value for a matrix makes it standard while back uploads of file. This has been fixed. The default is red (no longer green)

Issue with importing processes (actors from addressbook, groups)

Importing of persons from address book has been fixed

Roles screen layout

When assigning roles to users, the screen shifts a bit to left. So when assigning lots of roles the screen becomes unusable. This is fixed

Copy process security

When you copied a process, you have no access to the copied process. 

Workflow Jump Step

When jumping into workflow paths which have not been "activated" before, the state is incorrect.

Export/import of a form

When you define multiple default values in a field, importing just put one in the default value

Service Catalog Visibility

Possibility to switch of Service Catalog

Reposition process information

In previous release we have added process information to process detail page. The position was not logical and has been changed.

Autoform & Processes Paging

When saving an autoform or process, the paging is not remembered in the overview

Attachments in emails

Attachments in emails from WorkFlow engine are not attached to email

Double items in search
The double items appearing in search criteria have been corrected using a script.

Friendly Name of process
There were some locations where the process name was still being used, and not the friendly name. Those process names have been replaced by the friendly name. The process name should never be displayed anymore to an end user.