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Bug fixes

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End user in a form: focus gets lost, sometimes 2 clicks are required

When a user is filling in a form, and a section or dynamic value is being calculated, several input fields lose their focus, so a new mouse click is required to put the right focus on the fields again. This has been fixed, the focus no longer gets lost.

Importing and exporting does not work with sections

The importing and exporting of auto-forms was failing in case the original base form had sections. This has been resolved; all base forms can be imported and exported again.

Shop quantity issue

When multiple items of one product were ordered, this quantity was not processed correctly. This has been resolved on all places using this quantity




Omnitracker enhancements

- Several bug fixing regarding the Omnitracker interface (e.g. sending Booleans to Omnitracker)
- performance tweaks, caching has been added