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Bulk Uploads : How it works

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Bulk Uploads allow you to update multiple tickets of the same process. You will need to select the process and the step that needs to be updated.


The following data needs to be entered:

Select the Process from the list. The list contains all Processes in SSP. When selected, the next selection will become available: Step.
Step : Select the Step in the Process that you want to update using Excel sheets. You can only update fields on these types : Approval & Action Steps. Only these steps are selectable in the drop-down.
clip0078button: To ensure that you are using the right template, please click on PREVIEW, to see an export of all current active tickets in that step of your selected process.
File : click on BROWSE to locate the edited Excel sheet on your PC or network. Click on clip0079button to transfer the file to SSP and process it.

alert SSP only supports Office 2003 Excel files ( .xls). The new format ( .xlsx) is not supported.