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Categories Admin Page

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The Category admin page can be accessed by selecting the Categories section in the Admin Panel.

The Category List page shows a list of all current Categories in the order that they are displayed in the Self Service Portal.


The Category admin page contains the following information and controls:

Category List

Sequence : this selection list allows you to change the order of the Categories. Simply select another value from the drop-down to make the change. 1 is the top position, the highest number is the lowest position.
Category name: The list shows the Category by the name of the default language, as set in SSP 7



clip0199 : Use this button to open the dialog window for entering a new Category.
edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Category
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Category. alert_1818 Deleting the Category will result in deleting all Topics & Forms that are grouped in this Category.