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Add responsible group to tickets.

In each process step, a group can be selected as the responsible group for the ticket in that step. The responsible group is not the action holder, but a registration next to the action holder. Through this option, groups can keep track of tickets they own, without the need to be the current action holder. View will get filter options to see all tickets for the responsible group.

Meeting invitation tool

A complete meeting reservation tool will be integrated into SSP. Specs for this tool will be delivered upon release.

Labels on my items tab multi language

Setting created in my items, and translation added (Webstore.MyItems , ExtraManagerTabs). Don't forget to set these when implementing the new version

Multiple excel reports in one excel file

It is now possible to generate multiple excel reports, this feature is visible in the excel reporting tab where you can add extra configurations.

Implement file attachment security

File attachment security has been added. Attachments cannot be downloaded anymore without logging in first

Optimize SM wait step

The SM wait step will be using queries to check states of certain fields instead of the webservices, to fix any performance issues

Service Catalog Finalization

All remarks made by few customers regarding Service Catalog have been implemented

Bulk import / export of autoforms

It is possible to populate the autoform based upon the content of a XLS file. It is possible to download the content of autoform in a XLS file; based on existing AutoForm, you can export it into excel. Then the admin can add new AutoForms, and changes all parameters, EXCEPT the form !

Don't send email to users when opted-out

Per member of the group, a field 'Mailing (Yes - No)' is added.

If you set this field to ‘Yes’, the member will get the mails sent by SSP. If set to 'No', the member has access to the system but, he is not notified via mail when a task is assigned to him

Scan all control (Reminder script)

A new task will be added to ssp,  that checks all active tickets in the system. A new workflow will be triggered when a given process has at least one reminder email.

Idea : scan all tickets, if any ticket is active for the end user (he is the Actor), and reminder 1 has been sent,  send additional email  with link to Dashboard and open a View

Save multiple search filter settings per user

Users can create different search filter combinations.  He can then reuse it whenever he wants (currently, only 1 filter can be saved). Personal settings are required > nobody else can see that filter

Ticket Search and reporting

Managers & EIOs must be able to find tickets of the users for whom they are the Manager or EIO.

Webstore Reporting – add & change charts

- Top 10 products ordered by amount
- Products ordered (numbers of products) per shop by product category
- Products ordered per shop by Sector
- Shop visits & requests by Sector

Chart ‘Products per shop’ & ‘Products per service’  has been combined into one graph

Reporting webstore based on month -> add day in reporting

The period in days in the reporting has been added

Autoform Authorization

Access to autoform has been split into read and write

Sub process

It will be possible to have processes defined as sub-process within another process. For that a new step type is added called sub-process step in which another process can be selected. Sub-processes may be added at any place within the main process.

Shopping Basket from WebStore

New variable from webshop to workflow engine, without any markup (no HTML) is added

My Items standard search: add levels

The standard (non-admin) Search should also have the 3 – level organization drill down

Formbuilder in Processes

Re-usage of the existing form builder within an action step is not directly possible due to architecture constraints.

Within the Action step a new field type will be introduced called “Popup Form”. In case this field type is included in an action step, users will see a button in the step. When this button is clicked, an overlay popup opens and a complete form is displayed within the popup.

This form is functioning just like it would when it was initially submitted. Default answers and selection list filters can be based on values from the original request form. The usage of previously entered process values is not supported.

Next to a popup form, all currently existing fields can be used in the action step. It is also allowed to use multiple popup forms within the same action step.
The individual fields of the popup form will be available for reference further down in the process.

Modify current Actor

A new action is added in process steps that makes it possible to let the current action holder (or process admin) change the actor of the current step. It will be possible to select a group and/or a person within a group. The list with persons should in that case only show members of a group.

It is allowed to leave the person blank in case a group is selected. This function will also work if groups are not used.