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Ticket search

For performance reasons the current ticket search has been changed. When using the SSP overall Ticket search available on each page:



The search at the top of the dashboard is a quick search in a variety of sources. The entered search string is searched for in the following sources:

Tickets submitted by the current user. (Search is limited to ticket Id, form name and process (friendly) name.
Available request forms
Available shop products
Knowledge articles


For compatibility reasons, the ticket search form has been extended, a new field “Search for” has been added:


When this field has a value, it will search for this value in all data known to SSP. So this search will be slower as it searches in processes, forms and all entered data in these processes and forms.

Open datastore parameter

When you define a form in an action step, and you add to that form a field which uses a datastore, it is now possible to open the datastore directly from within the workflow application (like it is also in the forms application)



Search Tickets results view


An extra option has been added to the columns which are supported in the ticket search results view. This extra option is called “custom” and allows to enter custom tags. All custom tags allowed in views can be used here as well. For example you can display data from Forms and Process steps.



Process / responsible person link


This allows the linking of a person known in SSP to an existing process. By linking this person to the process, no extra privileges will be granted, this is only informational.


Using a setting, you can enable the functionality to show this person on the process search results screen.



Keep the request original data in process form


Currently, the option exists for the reviewer or approver to be able to go back and change data on the original form. This is automatically reflected in the Process step view - however there is now an option to keep the original values entered.


-A copy of the form is created
-When in the process step, type Action, the user can link to this new form, which will have all the fields of the original request allowing the reviewer to add and change all fields, though not changing the original request
-The data entered in the copy of the form, is then referenced to by ‘previously entered fields’.

PDF Report automatic export to HPSM as attachment

An option is added to use the generated pdf and text reports in a process in the mapping fields of process steps.


This allows generated reports to be added to the SM9 attachments

Process step view

Currently, the print option of a process prints the process documentation in a pdf document containing a description of the process and a process workflow.


An option is added to determine what is being printed in the document:

-As it is today – full wording and visio flow style at the bottom
-Full wording only
-Visio workflow style only