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Alternative source for person data field


Each person in SSP has a dynamic number of person attributes. Previously only 1 source was available per person attribute. The possibility now exists to use a second source. The second source will ONLY be used when the first source is EMPTY. Data from the first source will not be overwritten.



My Items fields to display on overview


The current set of fields available to display on the “my items” search results has been extended. The service group is add, as are all the owner person attributes


External login: added option for multiple external components


An option has been added to support multiple external components depending on the host header. So depending on the location of where you are accessing SSP, another external component can be called





Datastore Overview page


A checkbox will is added to the Datastore Parameter overview screen. By default, the checkbox is not selected. When the checkbox is clicked, 2 columns will disappear, namely ‘last modified by’ & ‘modified by’. The goal is to gain space on the screen. When clicking on the checkbox, a new column will appear showing a clickable comma separated list of Forms where this Datastore Parameter is used.





Datastore Items Access Level – Manage entries


A new level of security is added to the Datastore, that new level allows to edit the entries of a Datastore Parameter, and nothing else.

‘Properties’ : read-only (no changes possible)

‘Entries’ : Full control (add & delete)

‘Fields’: read-only (no changes possible)

Import: possibility to import from MS Excel

Export: possibility to export to MS Excel


This can be controlled in the admin – Roles section



Manage Groups - sort by Family Name

Currently the default sort order in the Manage Groups - List of Members tab is sorted by first name. An option is added to allow the administrator to order the members by first or by last name, in ascending or descending order.