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Added extra fields to the dashboard views

It’s now possible to include the time in the ticketdatestarted, ticketdateended, openstepdatestarted and allopenstepsdatestarted columns by using ticketdatetimestarted, ticketdatetimeended, openstepdatetimestarted and allopenstepsdatetimestarted


Added ‘Custom’ source option in Person Data

The source of a person field can now be defined as ‘Custom’. In that case you can use a simple concatenation, eg:



Or you can use a function to get data from a webservice for example:



Added ‘Fetch once’ option in Person Data

Per default all person fields are refreshed when a person is refreshed (by signing in, by the ‘Synchronize Persons’ task, …). There is now an option to define that a person field only has to be fetched once. For example when you use a webservice to get an external user id and you know that will never change, then there is no need to fetch that value every time.


Added ‘Enable cache’ option for a webservice call

You can now specify if the result of a webservice call needs to be cached. For example if you need to use an authorization token that you need to request via a separate webservice call, you can now configure to keep that authorization token in cache for a certain amount of time:


Small changes

-Using the German language, you’ll now get a dot instead of a dash in a date
-OmniTracker: you can now specify to use PreAuthentication
-Added some options for creating PDFs (compression levels)
-Upgraded the typeahead plugin that’s used in the search box on the dashboard
-Reduced the links to external sources (included Google fonts in the application)
-Webservice: if the return type is datatable and the response format is plain text: treat the result as json the create the datatable
-Updated the typeable dropdown lists so the width is automatically adjusted to the content