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Configuring attachments

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It is possible to forward attachments from SSP into SD45. This requires some configuration on the side of SSP, but also within Windows security settings. It makes a difference if the SD45 server is installed on the SSP server or not.

The easiest way to configure attachments is to have a SD45 application server installed on the SSP server. This server may be configured to not accept client connections, making it dedicated available to SSP. SD45 can only be installed on 32-bit environments.

To attach documents to SD45 tickets, the SMT-X SD45 adapter first downloads the attachment from the SSP Forms application and temporarily stores this file. Then a connection with SD45 is made and the attachment is offered to the SD45 application server through the WebAPI. This WebAPI then takes care of the correct transfer into SD45.

Configuration of attachments in case SD45 server is on SSP server

Make sure the SD45 adapter is installed within Tomcat
Within tomcat go to webapps\SmtxSd45Connector\WEB-INF\classes\conf
There you will find a file called
Find the label "filetmpdir=" and set this to a local path.
Make sure the user that is running the Tomcat service has read and write access to this path
Make sure the user that is running the Tomcat service can access the attachments within SSP. You can check that by placing a test file in the Forms/Userfiles/Uploads folder and download that with your tomcat user account.

Configuration of attachments in case SD45 server is NOT on SSP server

The difficulty with a configuration of attachments at a server that is not running the SD45 application server is a little flaw in the SD45 WebAPI of HP. The download of the attachment to Tomcat from SSP works normally and the file is stored in the Temp folder. The transfer of this file into SD45 will fail in case a local path was used. For example, when the Temporary path is set to C:\TEMP, the WebAPI will tell SD45 to load the attachment from the C:\TEMP folder. Which is another folder as where the attachment is stored, due to the fact that SD45 is on another machine installed.

To overcome this issue one needs to find a way to define a Temp path that is both accessible by the Tomcat application as by the SD45 application server. A specific solution can not be provided in this manual, as all corporate networks and security structures are different. Solutions that have worked at other installations are:

Define Temp path with network shares like this: \\SERVER\SHARENAME. Please note that some versions of Tomcat requires forward slashes and this configuration would be correct: ////SERVER//SHARENAME.
Define a drive letter to a network path on both computers
Make use of symbolic link through mklink
Create domain account DOM\accountname
On the SD45 server a folder C:\SSP7_Uploads  is created
This folder is shared as \\SD45Server\SSP7_Uploads
DOM\accountname has write access to this share
The Apache Tomcat service on the SSP Server is running under the DOM\accountname account
The account DOM\accountname has been given write rights to the Tomcat folder
On the C: drive of the SSP server a symbolic link is created with the command C:\> MKLINK /D SSP7_Uploads \\SD45Server\SSP7_Uploads
In the filetmp is set to C:/SSP7_Uploads (please note the forward slash)