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Create Task

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If the agenda items require further actions, or tasks,these can be set up under notes. Once a note is saved, the task tab becomes active.




1. Provide the title of the task

2. select the task owner, the person who will be responsible for this action.

3. select the person(s) who will approve the task once it's completed.

4. Select additional people under "Send copy to" if needed - these are people who will be notified of a task but will not have to be involved.

5. If instructions need to be sent for the task, they can be included as attached document.

6. Starting a task will create an SSP process that can be tracked as any other ticket in SSP from the "tasks" menu.


Clicking on the SSP# will show the ticket status and steps can be completed.

Clicking on the Name of the task, will bring up the task details.

To set up the process for task handling, see the section on Processes