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Creating a New Element: Content page

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Elements can be added to the Self Service Portal as needed through the Service catalog Tree of the Self Service Portal.  The following procedure details the addition of a new Element.

Creating a New Element: Content Page

There are two options to start:

Option 1: clip0093 : Use this button to open the dialog window for entering a new Element.
Option 2: clip0092: Use this button to open the dialog window for entering a new Element under the chosen Element.clip0087
Option 1:


1.Click on the ADD NEW ELEMENT button.  This will open to the Add Element Tab of a new element.
2.Choose the Status for the new element
Live: if selected, the element will be visible onto the Service Catalog page
All other options are not live and only for internal use.
3.Choose the type of element: select Content Page
A node is an overview page without content, but with all the underlying Content pages attached.
A content page is a page with content.
4.Move - Select new Parent Node: use the drop-down box to indicate under which node or which content page the new element should become.
5.Enter the Title and Content for the new element.  If multiple languages are installed, enter the translated Title and Content for each language.
6.Select a new icon for the new element.  Before selecting an icon, you must click SAVE to save the new element.
7. Upload the selected Icon.  To upload a new icon use the browse button and navigate to the location of the new icon. alert_1818 Please ensure the new Icon has these measures: width: 58 - Height: 49. When the file is selected from the popup window, the full path will appear in the text box.
8.Click on the clip0201button to upload and activate the Icon.
alert_1818: Simply Browsing for the file will not succeed, it is required to click the UPLOAD button to transfer the file to the server and to be used on the Dashboard. Due to caching, it is possible that the new icon is not shown immediately.
9.Click Update to save the settings.
10.If you Saved once, the options Related Documents, Related Links, Related Request Forms and Access Rights become visible.
Option 2: clip0092: Use this button to open the dialog window for entering a new element under the chosen Element.
This is the same workflow as option 2, except that the Parent Node is already selected.


Use the SAVE button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the clip0022button to discard any changes.