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Datastore Cache

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The Datastore is used to centrally store parameters, that can be used in fields or processes. A typical example is a drop-down field in a form. The values of that drop-down field are coming from a Parameter in the Datastore. The Datastore is able to retrieve these values from external systems through adapters. For performance reasons, data from external systems is cached. When a parameter is updated in an external system, the new values are not reflected immediately in SSP 7. This is due to the caching mechanism. You can set the Datastore Cache time to maintain the cache for a specified duration of time in hours.

Setting the Cache Time for the Datastore.

1.In the General Settings of the Admin panel select find the section "Cache Duration (hours)."
2.Enter the required value in hours. In general, we advise a setting of 24 hours. When 0 is selected, no caching is done and the data is retrieved from the external system, every time the parameter is accessed in forms or processes.
3.Click SAVE or OK to save the settings.

Reloading the Cache

If necessary, the cache can be reloaded manually.

Click on clip0122 to perform this action. This will update all values for the parameter without the need to wait for the standard Cache frequency.

Use the SAVE button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the clip0028 button to discard any changes.