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DataStore: Existing Parameters

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The Existing Parameters page shows a list of all current Parameters. Users will only see the Parameters to which they have the rights to edit, or manage the entries.


The different columns of the table are - all column headers are clickable to sort upon.

Name : the referral name for this Parameter

 alert_1818 Changing the name of the Parameter will result in errors where it is connected to. Please avoid changing the name.

Category : the Category ( sub-group)  for this Parameter.
Type : Defines the type of the Parameter ( see more below).
Last modified date: Shows the last modification date and time.
Last modified by: Shows the last user who modified the parameter
Entries : the number of unique entries in the Parameter.
clip0230: Export Export the structure of a parameter to an XML file by clicking on this button. This option is useful when a parameter that is linked to a form is moved from test to production environment. alert_1818 Please note that the data entries are not copied over but the fields of the parameter.
edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Parameter.
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Parameter. alert_1818 Deleting the Parameter will result in deleting all Entries.



clip0347Import Parameter: Add a new Parameter through importing an XML file. This option is useful when a parameter that is linked to a form that is moved between different environments, e.g. from test to production environment where the parameter must be moved too to the new environment. See more information in chapter Importing an XML file.