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datastore update from ticket

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It is possible to update a datastore from a ticket by running webservices.

Go to the admin page and then to adapters


Select  the tab “Web Services “
Click on ‘edit icon’ per webservice call, or add new one

To ADD an Address Book Entry
click the edit button of the webservice call “Datastore Add Address Book Entry”

Now you’ll see this screen:
Webservice details
URL: please insert here the client SSP url, so it comes to:

Cat Type: to add an Address Book Entry, please select insert
a- get the name of the parameter from the datastore
b-make the hash tag trough: (login: query)
c-Select HashCheck and enter the parameter, click the button “getHash”

The hashtag  appears and is ready to be copied
d- Paste the Hash Tag in the XSLT In code

Webservice Call Fields
The field names are the datastore fields

To UPDATE an Address Book Entry

This is used to adjust fields.
Go to Admin > adapters

Edit Datastore Update Address Book entry

Search a field:
for a name with filterName
for an email with FilterEmail
for a location  with FilterLocation .
Update a field with:

In a process
Go to the admin page and select processes

To add a process, click the button :

Or to add a step in a process, edit  the process:

Select the Edit Steps tab

Add a step where needed:


Select Webservice Call in General Settings:

Select the datastore in Webservice Call and click on the apply button:

Select the necessary fields and and them with the ADD button



Fill in the current fields:

Example for Name: #REPLACE-FORMFIELD-Building|Name# ; Select Form field and Name: