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Decision Point : Decision Step

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Click on the title 'Decision Step' to define the alternate Paths.


Evaluate at start : when checked it will evaluate the paths at ticket start and false paths will not be copied into the ticket, so they can never become active. When you are 100% sure that the value can not be changed during the runtime of a ticket, we advise to check this box. It will result in a decrease of database size, as SSP does not need to copy over all possible steps in the blueprint.

There are 3 possible types of Decision Steps, changing between them will clear al the detailed settings for the previously selected Decision Step.

Normal:  Based on previously entered fields in a related form or from within the process, paths can be defined.
Approval Step:  Used specifically for an Approval Step.  A path can be created for approved or declined approval results.
Multiplier Step : This Decision Type needs to follow a Repeater step, containing a Decision. This point defines what happens after a Repeated approval, in various possible scenarios.
Connector Step : The Decision Point looks at the outcome of a Connector step (for example to BMC)

alert Changing the Decision Type will result in a total loss of entered Paths for this Decision step!