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On the 'Delegates' tab, Users can create a list of Delegates for processes and for MyItems. They can then assign tasks to them, ad-hoc or permanent, or when they are Out of the Office.


Orb-Blue-Minus-24Process Delegates

Process delegates are used to reassign process actions to other people. This can be done manually in specific process steps, or permanent through out-of-office or permanent delegation. The following options are available:

Current Delegates :The existing list of Delegates; Users can remove persons from this list, by clicking on the delete button. As long as no out-of-office is enable the list of delegates will not have any influence on the processes. Only when users select a delegate within a process step or define an out-of-office period, the delegates will get involved.
Add a Delegate : Users can click the "Search" button to search for additional persons, to add as Delegates.
Permanent Delegate: 'Yes' should be selected if the new Delegate is a permanent Delegate of the current user. This means that all tasks of the user will automatically be assigned to this permanent delegate, regardless of Out of the Office-settings.
Email option : Choose if you want to receive emails which are sent to your delegate (either as recipient, CC or not at all).
Actor option : Choose if the delegate actions appear in "Your" action view panel or not.
Process : Select the process for which the delegate may act. It is possible to choose "All Processes", which gives the delegate the possibility to vote in any process. When a specific process is selected, the delegate can only act as Delegate in tickets submitted on the selected process. In case a delegate should be able to act on multiple processes, the delegate should be selected multiple times.

When people are part of an approval group, delegate settings will also have influence on approval groups, meaning that delegates get invited for the process action, when the person for whom they are delegate is part of an Approval Group that get's assigned.

The search button will initiate a popup-menu, where search fields are shown, to find and select the new Delegate. Depending on the settings for searching persons, more or less fields are displayed to search with. More information on configuring these search fields can be found in the User Data section of the Adapter settings.



The following options are available on this page:

Search Fields : enter search criteria to fine-tune your search. It is not required to fill in an entry in both fields, but doing so will create a better list of search results. These search fields can be configured in the User Data section of the Adapter settings.
Search Results : the matches are shown below, click the select button to add this Delegate and return to the previous screen.


Click on "Update" to save any changes.