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Delta's SSP5 and SSP 7

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SSP 7 has been rebuilt from the ground up and introduces many new features and enhancements.  The following table lists SSP5 features and the equivalent or new features available in SSP 7 .


SSP5 features

SSP 6 equivalents

Service Desk Entity creation

Create Service Calls
Create Changes
Create Work Orders

Service Desk Adapter

Create Service Calls
Create Changes
Create Work Orders

Service Manager Adapter

Create Interactions
Create Incidents
Create Changes
Create Tasks

Other Adapters can be added to support more platforms.

Request forms

8 different types of questions
Sections for question grouping
Pre-defined Lists

Request Forms

10 different types of questions, now including Attachment upload. Active headers.
Field grouping in sections, with conditions possible on all list types and text fields
All lists come from data store (see data store section)
Catalog supported through field type multi-select list and multi search lists.


List of Service Calls
List of Changes
Pending approvals


List with registered SSP 7 requests
List with external database items. Any database (HPSD or HPSM for example) can be source for list
Pending approvals

User Management

2 roles: Key user / End user
Users linked to Services, Categories and organizations

User Management

Role management. Custom roles can be configured.
Users can be linked to roles
Access to requests, categories and topics can be granted to roles
New users can be linked to default role


Single Sign On through Session variable
LDAP authentication
HPSD authentication


LDAP authentication


Manager approval, unlimited number of layers. Managers to be selected by Requestor.
Resource Approval. Linked to catalogs
Cost Center Approval
Work Order creation after Resource approval


Multiple processes can be triggered by a request.
Processes are configurable and can contain unlimited amount of steps.
Supported step types:
oMore information form
oDecision Step
oExternal adapter interface
Steps can be linked to support quick jumps in process flow


Manual selection of approver
Automatic selection of manager
Vote accept / reject
Provide additional information
Requires HPSD work order creation


One or more actors in approval step, depending on conditions
Deputy approval supported
Option for approver to include other approvers
Option to reset process to requestor
Out-of-office support

Pre-defined lists

List with fixed values
List with HPSD persons
List with HPSD Organizations
List with HPSD Configuration Items

Data Store


Select multiple items from list. List can be displayed as text or with images.
List build up from HPSD Configuration Items
Trigger for Resource Approval

Multi Select lists

Multi select possible in normal list and in search list
Content coming from data store
Source for approval step with similar functionality as resource approval


HTML email support
Central e-mail configuration


HTML E-mail template
Possibility to define specific emails in certain process steps


Hierarchical structure of categories
Request can be linked to multiple categories

Request structuring

3 level of request structuring
Category – Topic – Forms


Display content from Service Calls
Display content from Changes
Edit fields of Service Call or Change