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Delta's SSP6 and SSP7

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Updated User Interface
       More modern style - iOS7-based
       Vertical navigation zones on left & right hand side
       User can change position of portlets
       Pre-loading of Views (list of open tickets & actions)
       Support for wide-screen monitors
Role-based News feeds
       Ability to enter text message for specific Roles
       Multiple feeds can be shown at the same time
       Alert zone in the top bar possible
Streamlining Forms & Shops
       Forms used to be seperated from shops, causing difficult navigation for users and cumbersome administration.
Inline shop forms
       Linked forms in shops are no longer in popup screens
Updated messaging
       It is now more clear who receives and sees the Messages, sent from active SSP tickets
Other changes
       Integrated search : 1 search box for all components
       Complete code upgrade, using latest technologies
       Small extra functions troughout the application