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Document creation


The first step with each type of action is document creation. Once the start_button is clicked the action changes to active_status

A file can be uploaded and comments can be added as well as „Awarded WP”

At this point, the following options are available.

Save changes – it will update the document or the comments.

Start next step – it will move to the next action

Stop con – this will delete all documentation related to this phase.

Select supplier

When clicking on the above changes happen.

the 1.document creation phase has a time stamp and the next phase, 2.Select supplier becomes active. The supplier is automatically selected, since a CON appears with each supplier in the dossier.

Prepare Email

The next step is to prepare an email to the supplier.


Once the email is created and saved, the next step can be started.

In addition to the supplier additional recipients can be selected for the email. Contacts that have been set up in the first step of the dossier creation show the contact name in ()after the contact title. (e.g. Owner(Annamaria Skultety) and the check box is active.For unspecified contacts the checkbox is inactive and cannot be selected.

Post processing

Once the email has been sent, the following post processing options are available. In case a contract is signed, the link to the contract must be provided in this step.

This is the last step and once all items are taken care of the Close step button permanently saves all information.