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General Form Settings

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The General Settings tab allows to set a number of general Form settings. The different elements are grouped. Click on the titles to open or close the different groups.

The General Form settings group contains the following options:


Current Icon: If an icon is uploaded before, it is shown here. This icon is used on the top left hand side of the Dashboard, next to the Welcome-text. Use the delete button ( delete ) to remove the existing icon.
Upload New Icon: Use the browse button to browse for a new icon. This button will open the standard Browse window to locate the file, either on the PC or on the network, using mapped drives. alert_1818 Please ensure the new Icon has these measures: width: 58 - Height: 49. When the file is selected from the popup window, the full path will appear in the text box. Use the clip0122button to upload and use this new Icon.  Browsing for the file will not succeed, it is required to click the clip0122button to transfer the file to the server and to be used on the Dashboard. Due to caching, it is possible that the new icon is not shown immediately.
Allow selecting other users: This option allows you to specify if a User can select any other user as 'requested for' of this form ( and the ticket that will be created). The options are:

 - No : The user can not select another user
 - Yes : The user can select any other user
 - Yes and resubmit : When a ticket is sent back to draft, the Form can be edited. With this option, the user can also be changed, when editing this draft.
 - Yes and multiple : selecting another user is allowed, and also multiple users are allowed (see excel upload functionality)

Allow 'Add To Favorites': This option allows you to show the button 'ADD TO FAVORITES' for Users. When the box is checked, the button will appear for all users that have access to this Form.
Show 'Save As Draft' : toggle the display of the button Save as Draft
Show 'Save As Template' : toggle the display of the button Save as Template
Show 'Cancel' on Form : Toggle the display of the Cancel button on the Form's main page (before the Review page)
Show 'Back' on Form : Toggle the display of the 'Back' button on the Form's main page (before the Review page)
Show 'Cancel' on Review : Toggle the display of the 'Cancel' button on the Review page of the form (the page with the summary of the filled in fields)
Show 'Back' on Review : Toggle the display of the 'Back' button on the Review page of the form (the page with the summary of the filled in fields)
Skip Review Page : When disabled (not checked), the Reviews page is not shown to the End User
Allow default values via URL : When checked, you can share a link to the Form & prefill fields in the same URL. To prefill a field, add it to the link, indicate the internal label, followed by '=' and the value. More information on the wiki:
Allow Excel upload : When this is checked, the interface will allow the user to submit multiple entries in 1 sitting, by uploading an Excel sheet. Each column represents 1 field, each row represents 1 entry. The end-user interface will create a template excel sheet for the user to download, complete and upload. Only text fields are allowed for this kind of action. The tickets are submitted using a task called 'Submit Delayed Forms'. The user can choose to receive a confirmation email when the task has completed successfully. The template can be found under Admin > Mail Templates, and is called Processed Excel in Forms.
Replace placeholder before submit : When a selection field submits multiple Value Fields from the underlying datastore to the workflow engine, they are seperated by double pipes '||'.  To avoid this, you can replace these placeholders by any other value.
ID: This non-editable field shows the internal ID given by SSP 7 to this Form. This ID is sometimes required when submitting questions to the Helpdesk.




Live on website: When this box is checked, the Form will be shown to the Users of SSP 7.  The Group 'Roles' (read more ) allows to fine-tune which Roles can see this Form. If the checkbox 'Live on website is not checked, it will not be shown to any Role, regardless of the Role settings. This box does not need to be checked in order for 'Preview Form' to work.
Topic : this field shows the Topic to which this Form belongs. Change the topic here if needed.
Type:  A form can be built within SSP 7, using the Formbuilder. This is the first option "Use Formbuilder (standard)". If a form is made in another tool, or lies within another application, it is called a "Coded Form". Please enter the URL, including http:// in the text area. alert_1818 External forms can feed into the Processes, but this needs to be set in the external form or application. Any setting under the group 'Processes' below will have no effect for Coded Forms!
Internal label : this field is used when you need to make an internal reference to this form. For example, when you want to add a field into an email or a reporting template. This field only accepts letters and numbers. All other entries are deleted upon leaving the field.
Title English : Enter the Title for the Form. This text appears on the Forms tab of the Topic, which lists all Forms.
Description English: Enter the short description text, except the Title. This text area is non-HTML enabled, so there are no options to set part of the text bold, italic, or any other style elements. This text appears on the Forms tab of the Topic, which lists all Forms, underneath the Title as entered in the field above.
Title Français & Description Français : Enter the French Title & Welcome text here. If left empty, the text of the default language will be shown. More or fewer input sets ( Title & Description) can be shown, depending on the number of preset languages for SSP 7.
Search meta tags: Enter short words here that are used in the Forms search box on the Dashboard (using the tag #REQUESTSEARCHBOX# in an HTML box).


Use the SAVE button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the CANCEL button to discard any changes. The clip0123button allows for a preview of the Form in a new browser window ( this does not require that 'live on website' is checked).