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Edit Shops Introduction

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Shops are editable using the Administration.

From the Administration page, click on Topics to access shops.


Then select the Forms and shops tab to see a list of shops. (Note: forms and shops are listed together. Shops will have an extra "products" button, while forms do not)

A list of all shops is shown:


The table has the following options:

Sequence : Change the sequence of the Shops, as they are also shown to the users. Change the selected number to order the Shops as you want. Number 1 is the top left position, Number is on the same row, right position. Each row can contain only 2 shops.
Shop Title : the name of the shop in the default language of SSP
Live ? : the green check-icon indicates that the shop is live for users.
General : access the general settings for this shop
Products : add & edit products from the shop.
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Shop.