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Email Template

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The option of using email templates has been extended. In the past, we only had general email templates all over the system, and step specific mail templates. The issue with the general email templates is that if you reference process or step information this only works for 1 process.


For this, the email template functionality has been extended to allow process email templates. You can use the template variables in there. If you export/import a process, those email templates will be automatically updated to use the new ID’s of the process and steps.


The definition of the template stays as is. These templates can be managed in the general settings of the process.



Complete these fields

Name : This element is only shown to the administrators
Layout : Select a mail layout (if available)
Subject Line: Set the subject line, Dynamic Field Mapping is available
Main Copy : Set the Mail body, Dynamic Field Mapping is available
Translations : set the Name & Content in different languages.
Attachments : Set fixed and/or dynamic attachments





Once the email template is created, it will show up under each email section of the step (Initial Email, Decline Email, Escalation 1 Email, Escalation 2 Email).