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Search for Requests

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End Users can search in SSP 7 for Forms and for earlier submitted request Forms. By default, the search is showing the search option for previously submitted requests. To search for Forms, choose the option "Forms" on top


The search can be triggered by entering search criteria in the search box on top of the screen:


Please note that the default search scope is applied to this search. The default scope is set in the General Settings of the admin panel.



An alternative way to initiate a search is to click on the Search option in the menu bar:


Search For : The text typed in this field is searched for in ticketid, ticketname and form fields.

Load Filter : In case users are regularly searching on the same criteria, it may be convenient to store a filter. All previously stored filters are available in the drop down list

Advanced Search Option : In the advanced Search options the user can select the scope of the search. The default scope is set in the General Settings of the admin panel.

Orb-Blue-Minus-24Form Title

Only the name of a form is included in the search scope. The user's language is taken into account when searching.


Orb-Blue-Minus-24Form Title & Description

The name of a form and the help text provided with a form are included in the search scope.


Orb-Blue-Minus-24Form Title, Description & content

The name, help text and fields are included in the search scope. This is the most extensive search, giving users the possibility to find request forms, based on questions they remember.

In Fields, both the label and value fields are searched.


Please note that when people have Admin access to processes, a different search screen is displayed. For more information on that search screen go to the Admin Search topic.