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External Query

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A external query parameter is a query on an existing database. Any query is possible.





Connection String:

This connection string is used to get direct access to the SD4.5 database, in order to run the queries defined under SD4.5 Database User Query and SD4.5 Database Synchronization query.

For Oracle the connection string format looks like this:

data source=ORCL_TNS;user id=ORCL;password=ORCL;persist security info=false

For Microsoft SQL Service the connection string looks like this:

data source=servername;initial catalog=SMTXSSP7;User ID=SMTXSSP7;Password=SMTXSSP7;persist security info=False;packet size=4096


 This query is ran against the connection string defined, if no error all columns are returned as fields, all rows are returned as entries.



The fields are all columns returned by the query.