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Next, select the fields against which filtering is required. Any field from any form can be added to the list, and also any field that was entered in the process, including decisions from approval steps and their comments.



Under 'Type', the following options are available:

2. Lookup : the selection list shows all current forms in SSP 7. When a form is selected, the second list will refresh and show all fields of that form. Select any field and click on add .

 alert Please note that you will see the internal label that was defined with the field in the mapping. If you are using multiple forms with 1 process, make sure that these forms have similar internal labels to make the mapping of the value into this text work.

3. Previously Entered Field : this lists all fields that are entered in other steps within the same process. When selected, click on add to select this variable.

 The following information is available:

 For action steps, all form fields are available to use as variable.

 For approval steps, all approval votes and comments are available.


The table gives the following overview:

Order : Set the order of the fields, this is used in the Excel export.
Label : Field Label.
Origin : Source of the field, is either 'Lookup (coming from a Form), or 'Previously entered Field (coming from the Process).
Form Name or Process Step : the name of the source.
Action : Use delete to delete this Field from the list.