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Click on the title 'Form' to define the Form for the Actor.

In the case of an 'Approval Step', the options are limited.

By default, SSP will present 2 fields:

- Decision

- Comments


The 'Decision' field will always show 2 options : I approve & I decline. These can not be changed.

The 'Comments' field however, can be changed. By default, is is a test area field, that only becomes required when the decision is negative ('I decline').

Click on the EDIT icon to change the settings of this field.

These are the options:


The checkbox for required - status can not be changed, as this field will always become required when the decision is negative.

- Type : simple fields

 Select Text field or Text Area

- Type : Selection Fields

 Select any of the types that are presented.

We refer to the details of an Action step to learn about details of each field type.

Use the save button to save the changes, or use the cancel button to discard any changes.