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Request Forms

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Whether requesting a new PC, submitting an IT ticket, or bringing new personnel on-board, employees require an easy-to-use and convenient interface. Likewise, creating and customizing this interface must be readily done so that administrators can deliver a solution that meets their organization’s specific workflows and administrative processes.



With SSP7 Request Forms both administrators and employees have the solution they need. Request Forms are at the heart of SSP7, enabling employees to submit requests in forms that adjust their content, based on the person completing it and answers given.

Central to each form is the concept of fields, which can be readily defined. Examples of fields include a text field, drop-down menu, radio button, selection lists, and much more. Every field has a label, default answer and, optionally, help text. A field may be categorized by using different headers. Sections (and subsections) may be defined, which appear only when certain answers are given. And fields can display lookup lists that are queried from any data source ensuring that, where possible, existing information is reused.