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Warning about unsaved data


When clicking on a link that will close a form containing data that has not yet been submitted, a warning message will be displayed. The warning contains the following options:

Leave: the user will move away from the form and lose all data
Stay: The user stays at the form




Mass requests

Instead of selecting a single person for which a form is submitted, it is possible to select a number of people. That allows you to submit the exact same form and values for each person selected. For each person there will be a ticket created. There won’t be a master ticket for example.

We added the possibility to select multiple users in the option:

Allow selecting other users:

Yes and Resubmit,
Yes and multiple

Documentation fields

Form fields get a new property called Admin Documentation. All types of fields have this available. 




The field is included in form printing and form import and export. It is added to the list of fields and displayed when hovering over the “?”-icon. 


The help text is text only no HTML editor is available. Process steps have a similar field and the content is displayed when hovering over process step. It is also included in the process print, but only in the text part, not in the process map at the end. The import and export is also used for this property.

Show on overview

The show on overview checkbox on formfields has been given additional capabilities. When setting this checkbox for headers, sections or tabs, the overview page will group the next fields under that header, section or tab. Users can use the + or – icon to open a grouped text.

By default header, sections and tabs have the option show on overview unchecked.

Several small enhancements and bug fixes

-Add placeholder #REPLACE-STEP-Name#: This allows you to add the current process step name as variable in email templates and when referring to previously entered fields, you should also have the name of a step available.
-Errors on the form because of wrong configuration are no longer displayed to the end user. Only when the option adminmode=1 is present in the querystring it is visible.
-In case a form is submitted and there is no review page active, the browser shows a warning that content of your page may get lost.
-Issue when assigning roles/rights to a category but not the topic has been resolved.

Submit of form, the href link is changed from # to javascript:void(0)