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Repeating sections

Repeating sections is a new function within the SSP Form Builder. It makes it possible to let users define how often a group of questions should be repeated. Typical usage of repeating sections is when users have the option to “Add more”, without knowing how often the user is going to press the add more button.

Repeating sections are an option within existing sections. When the checkbox “Repeatable” is selected the administrator can define:

Initial repeats: how many time is the section repeated when freshly opened
Minimum repeats: how often should a user press “Add more” at a minimum
Maximum repeats: how often should a user press “Add more” at a maximum
Add more repeats increment by: how many instances of a section are added when the add more button is hit

When using a repeating section, you also need to include a new field type within that section of the type “Repeatable section buttons”.

There are no further options to be selected with these buttons.

When opening a section with the repeating option enabled, users will see the buttons at the position in the form where you included the field of the type “Repeatable section buttons”:

The Copy button allows users to copy all answers from the previous section (instance). The insert below button adds an empty section below the current one and the delete button allows to remove a repeated section instance.

Please check the SMTX wiki pages to learn how you can process data from repeating sections:

There you can learn how to make overview tables and totals of repeatedly entered amounts.

Multiple select usability

The previous multi select field type has been extended to provide a better usability. Previously, in case of large texts, you could get a listbox like this:

This release adds the feature that a mouse over tooltip is displayed that shows the whole value of the text that is hovered with the mouse.

Mass form upload

Previously after mass form upload, you always saw a message like this:

This has been changed that if a form is set to go to a specific URL or a thank you message, this custom action will be applied.

Form usage

An option has been added to the admin -> topics page which will generate an excel file that displays the form usage in your processes:


Multi select in combination with pre-select all values

When using a multi select listbox (without search) and set the max items to display to 1000, and put a dynamic filter on it that normally results in about 10 lines, the application is still going to retrieve the 1000 entries and preselects them, then reduces this list with the filter applied.

If you use searchable multi select listbox the issue doesn't occur.

This issue has been resolved.

Several small enhancements and bug fixes

-Extra operators added in form field filters and filtered datastores.
-Submit delayed forms: fix for empty form instances.
-Copy field bugfix
-Add column "show on overview" to formdetail.aspx page
-bugfix: edit form in combination with dynamic subforms
-fixed actor person enhancement in save step instance
-ncalc UPDATEJSON added, plain text output wscall enhanced with output format
-ncalc prettyjson, plain option added for ncalc parameters + ncalc encodefor added