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From address rules

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The From address rules are only working in case a new ticket is created through inbound email. To add a new rule click on the Add button under the header "From address rules".


Name: Give this rule any name to recognize it in the future

Stop processing other rules when this rule is valid: There is no ordering in the processing of rules, however the system first evaluates the rules with this marker set. When a rule is found with a valid condition and this marker is set to true, no other rules will be processed. When none of the rules is matched with the marker on, the rules without marker will be checked.

From address: Define from which address(es) emails should be processed. You may use the operator list to include a single or multiple email addresses. In our example above a single email address is selected.

Process: Select the process that should be started in case the rule is true.

Parse body tags: When this marker is set, the system will try to find tags within the body of the email message. See general settings how tags are set.

Tag format: You can overwrite the tag definition from the General settings page for this specific rule.

Fixed requestor in process: In case new tickets should always have the same requestor, select a person here. When no person is selected, the system will try to resolve a person based on the From email address. When that isn't successful, the fail-over person set in General settings is used.

Fixed requested for in process: Works similar as requestor

There is no limit on the number of rules that can be defined.