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Functional capabilities

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The SAP Adapter is used within SSP7 to retrieve data from SAP and to create objects in SAP. Below is an overview of what functionalities in SSP7 can be used in combination with the SAP Adapter.

Selection lists in request forms
Views with SAP notifications
User properties
Create objects in SAP. The create action is performed by the SSP7 workflow engine and is able to pass values into the web service for the entity creation.


The SAP Adapter has been initially designed to communicate with SAP PI. It uses the web service technology to read and write data from and to SAP. In SAP PI a flexible web service definition can be used. On SSP7 side the Adapter platform will adapt to the structure of the SAP PI web service.


On the SAP PI side, the following methods need to be supported in the offered web service to make use of the full scope of functionalities:

Retrieve list
Retrieve value
Create object
Update object


The mentioned methods are available on all supported entities of the web service. These entities need to be defined within SSP7. For each entity a set of fields is entered. These fields are used for value mapping in the workflow and for displaying values from SAP in the workflow.




Retrieve List


Within SSP7 the data store is the central place to manage data lists. They are sourced from external sources or managed manually. SAP can be used as an external source and the SAP Adapter manages the communication. Over web services, data from SAP is loaded into the data store. It depends on the offered lists in SAP PI which values can be loaded. This set of lists is flexible and can be extended over time.



Create & Update Object


The workflow engine can contain SAP Adapter steps in its workflow that create objects in SAP. Objects previously created in a workflow may also be updated in that same workflow. When creating a SAP object

In case a new object needs to be created, the admin console provides a list with available entities to be created. When an entity is selected, the admin console will display all available fields for values mapping. Selected fields are available for value mapping to receive values from either the request form or from other activities in the workflow.

Below are some screenshots to show how the SAP Adapter step is integrated in the SSP7 workflow.


The left screen shot shows a standard workflow that sends a notification email to the requestor, then creates a notification in SAP and last goes for manager approval from the department manager:






The right screenshot shows how the workflow is configured to create a SAP notification and set a value in the field “Short Description”. When the notification is created like this, the short description field will contain the free text “New employee “ and variables First Name and Last Name from the request form.


SAP Adapter workflow steps are displayed like normal process steps and can be positioned at any point in the workflow and within decision paths, sub-processes, parallel processes or multipliers. There is no limit to the amount of SAP Adapter steps used in a workflow.



Retrieve value


The retrieve value function is used to read a single value from a SAP object. Most common usage is within a workflow where details from the created object need to be displayed