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General Settings

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The General Settings can be found within the Admin console under "Adapters". Select the Tab named "DocuSign" to open the General Settings page. Please note that if this option is not shown, your license key doesn't provide support for DocuSign.


Username: Type here the username you would like to use to connect to DocuSign

Password: Type the password of the user set in the previous field

Integrator Key: With this key SSP 7 is granted access to your DocuSign account. You can find this integrator Key by following the instructions here

Fetch login info: The value you need to set here is either or In case you are still testing, please use the demo URL. After setting the URL, press the Fetch button and SSP 7 will try to resolve the Base Url. It will use the username, password and integrator key to get this information from DocuSign.

Base Url: This value is set automatically when the Fetch button is pressed and login to DocuSign was successful.