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Category : General Settings

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The General Settings tab contains the configuration setting for Categories.


The following are the available configuration options for Categories:

Current Icon: If an icon is uploaded before, it is shown here. This icon is used on the top left hand side of the Dashboard, next to the Welcome-text. Use the delete button ( delete ) to remove the existing image.
Upload New Icon: Use the browse button to browse for a new icon. This button will open the standard Browse window to locate the file, either on the PC or on the network, using mapped drives.
alert_1818 Please ensure the new Icon has these measures: width: 58 - Height: 49.
When the file is selected from the popup window, the full path will appear in the text box. Use the clip0201 button to upload and use this new Icon.
Browsing for the file will not succeed, it is required to click the clip0201 button to transfer the file to the server and to be used on the Dashboard. Due to caching, it is possible that the new icon is not shown immediately.
Live on Application: When this box is checked, the Category will be shown to the Users of SSP 7. You can still define which Roles can see and use this Category. For details on providing Role access to Categories see Access Rights section in user Access Control.
Shortcut on Dashboard: When this box is checked, the Category will appear on the Quick Access to Services-panel of the Dashboard. The order on the panel itself follows the main order of categories, as set on the Category list page.
Collapsed on New Requests: When this box is checked, the Category will be closed when users enter the page 'New Requests'. If the box is un-checked, the Category will be open, showing all Topics inside directly, without the need for the user to click to expand it.
Title English : Enter the Title for the Category.
Title Français : Enter the French Title here. If left empty, the text of the default language will be shown. More or fewer input fields can be shown, depending on the number of preset languages for SSP 7.

Use the SAVE button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the clip0022button to discard any changes.