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This sections contains information about all other settings on the General tab within General Settings.

Admin Only Mode: Set this option On to only allow users with admin rights in one of their roles to logon to the system. This setting is typically used when you are upgrading the system and want to test before granting all users access.
Page Size for Process Overview: Sets the number of processes shown on the admin page of the processes
Page Size for admin overview pages: Sets the number of lines shown admin pages that support paging
Send added as delegate e-mail: When set to yes, a person is informed in case the person is added as delegate by someone. Please check the mail templates page to set the correct e-mail template to send.
Disable partial rendering: When enabled Ajax functionality is disabled (it is advised to keep this setting off)
Enable mobile auto redirect: With this option on, SSP will automatically recognize if someone accesses the portal with a mobile browser. When that is the case, the user is redirected to the mobile pages. Please note that a mobile browser is recognized based on the resolution.
Navigation position: This setting allow to position the navigation menu on non-dashboard pages. For example on request form pages.
Top buttons position: This setting changes the position of the logout and profile buttons in the header. When modifying your CSS settings, this setting may be useful for better positioning the buttons.

alert_1818 Please note that in order to send e-mail messages out, a task should be configured and scheduled.