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Finally, the selected Fields are used to share access rights to Groups. This is configured in the final section, Groups.


The detailed settings are entered and edited using Excel sheets. Under Current list there is a complete overview of all currently assigned rights. The table has the following elements:

Name : The name of the Group.
Open tickets : Access rights assigned for this Group to Open Tickets. The rights can be Write or Read.
Closed tickets : Access rights assigned for this Group to Closed Tickets. The rights can be Write or Read.
Action : Use delete to delete this row.

Export fields to excel

This function allows you to export the current access rights into an Excel sheet. This allows for easy updating. The options are to include current Groups or not. Include the current Groups if changes to the current setup are needed, or not, to set up a completely new scheme. Click on clip0157to receive the Excel sheet.

The excel sheet will return the values in this format:



alert Row 1 is hidden, and contains key IDs for internal use. Please do not open or change anything in this row, otherwise the import can fail.

Row 2 contains the following column headers:

Group : List of Groups. Check the correct spelling of the Group Name, as specified in Groups Admin.
Name (color) & textfield1 : These are the 2 selected Fields against which the filtering will happen. The rows below need to contain the possible values.
Open tickets : Access rights to open tickets that meet the criteria. Rights can be Write or Read.
Closed tickets :  Access rights to closed tickets that meet the criteria. Rights can be Write or Read.



Each line represent a combination of values for the selected Fields and a selected Group. As shown in the example above, different values for the Field 'Name (color) are used to share access rights to the tickets.
Group called 'Granular black' has write access to all open tickets, and write access to all closed tickets, where the value in the form for the field 'Name (color)' was 'black'.

If it is needed to assign another Group the same access rights, just add another line, copy the settings for Fields & Tickets, and simply change the Group Name.

It is possible to make as much combinations as you want. If Fields need to be added, close the excel sheet, and add in into the section above, called 'Fields', and export the excel sheet again.
Wildcards : If any value for a certain Field is ok, simply add a * into the cell, as shown above for Field 'textfield1'.

Once ready, save the files as .xls (.xlsx is not supported for the moment) and import it using the interface below:


The options are :

Append to current list of Groups : Update the current access scheme with the excel sheet that is uploaded. Any existing combination that is not in the uploaded excel sheet,  will remain in the scheme.
Delete current list of groups before adding groups : Only the combinations in the uploaded excel sheet are kept, all other are removed.
Use the browse button to browse for the file. This button will open the standard Browse-window to locate the file in a local directory or on the network via mapped drives. When the file is selected from the popup window, the full path will appear in the text box. Use the clip0162 button to upload and process.  Only Browsing for the file will not succeed, it is required to click the clip0162 button to transfer the file to the server. The screen will refresh and the uploaded file will be added at the bottom of the list. When the import was successful, a message is displayed next to the clip0162 button: