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Groups : General Settings

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The General Settings tab contains the following configuration setting for Groups:


Name : Enter the Name for the Group. We advise to use simple names, as they need to be entered when using the Group as an Actor or when assigning Granular Ticket Access.
Manager : The name & email of the current Manager of the Group is displayed. This value can be empty. Click on clip0170to change  or insert a Manager.

 alert The Manager does not inherit the assigned ticket rights or is added to the Actors when this Group is used in a process. If this functionality is needed, please add the manager also as a Member, using the second tab.

Short Description : enter a description to explain the meaning of this Group, or offer any additional information for other Administrators. Please note that this information is not shown to Users at any time.
Task assigned to this group triggers integrations: This option works in combination with Ticketing tasks. Setting this option has the following impact:
The group can only be used within Ticketing Tasks
3 processes should be linked for the processing of events that may occur when the ticket task is assigned to the external group.
Read here more about how to integrate external service providers through Ticket Tasks

People Search

When clicking on clip0170, the standard People Search interface is shown :


Search for a User, using First Name, Last Name and any other field as set in the User Data Settings ( under 'Adapters > User Data ).

The search results are shown below the Search box, click on clip0174to select the User of your choice to become the Manager of this Group.

Use the save button to save the changes or stay on this screen.

Use the clip0172  button to save the changes or stay on this screen.

Use the cancel button to discard any changes.