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Groups : List of Members

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The second tab allows to manage the list of Members of the Group.


Current Members : shows all Users that are currently part of this Group. Use delete clip0177to remove a User.

Export all : This button is clicked to export all current members of the group into an Excel sheet. The exported file can be edited in Excel and imported through the import function.

Import : Provides the possibility to quickly import members for a group from an Excel sheet. In order to have the correct format of the Excel file it is advised to first use the export function to create an Excel sheet and further edit this sheet.

When importing an Excel sheet, there is the option to only add the people in the excel sheet, or to clear the current list of members and set the ones loaded from the excel sheet as the members of a list. The file used for import requires the following columns:


First name

Last name


Unique ID


In this Unique ID column, the unique identifier of a person should be stored. In case of LDAP authentication, this is the content of the LDAP field selected on the LDAP adapter settings tab under "LDAP unique ID field".

Add member : the standard People Search interface is shown :


Search for a User, using First Name, Last Name and any other field as set in the User Data Settings ( under 'Adapters > User Data ).

The search results are shown below the Search box, click on clip0174to select the User of your choice to become a Member. You can add 1 person at a time.

Use the save button to save the changes or stay on this screen.

Use the clip0172  button to save the changes or stay on this screen.

Use the cancel button to discard any changes.