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Import Items

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Import items allows you to import items using Excel sheets (Excel 2003 workbooks only!). Access this section by clicking on the link next to this icon:


Files that are uploaded here to be imported will be imported in the next import window, as defined in the My Items Settings. All scheduled imports are grouped under Scheduled Imports.

The import settings are defined while setting up the Item Type. This screen is only for uploading the files, according to the settings defined before.

This screen opens:


Possible actions:

Select a Service from the drop down.
Select a Vendor from the drop down.
Update Types:

Option 1 will import the complete excel file, add the new items, and update existing items, if person unique ID & Serial Nr & item date match. Note that the import also has a date to it. This means that you can store historical data and run trend reports on the data in My Items.

Option 2 will empty the complete database for this Item Type and only import the data in the excel file.

Option 3 is used to delete items in My Items.

File : Select the file you want to import. Use the BROWSE button to find the file on your computer or network, then clickclip0079to upload the file to the server.


When the file is uploaded, SSP will perform a check if the data is correct. Any errors are shown. If there are more than 100 errors, the import will not be scheduled.

Click theclip0022button to return to the main screen of My Items.