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Installation verification checklist

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Database Installation



Is the name of the database server known

Is the database SSP Sql Server 2005+

Is an account on the database server available (login / password)

Does this account have the necessary privileges to create tables, create views, create users

Is there a management studio available to run the queries

Does sql server allow SQL Server authentication (not only windows authentication)

Is the SSP or SD database ORACLE 10 or 11

      If oracle, is installed (Part of ODAC 11,2 Release 3)

If 64 bit OS, is the ODP64 bit installed



Web server installation


Is the web server known

Is there RDP access to the webserver

Is the RDP account available (login / password)

Is IIS6++ installed

Is IIS configured to allow .net applications

Is 3.5+ installed

Does the webserver has access to the database server


Connector Installation SD45 (if used)


Is tomcat 5+ installed and working correctly

Is the port number of tomcat known

Is java 5+ installed

Does tomcat have access to SD

Is the IP address of the SD application server known

Is the SSPWrite SD account available (login / password)

Is the SSPRead SD account available (login / password)

Are the database connection settings to SD known (sd database location, sd database read account)

Are the ftp settings for SD known (Server, User, Password, Target Folder and Ftp Type)

Can the webserver access the tomcat server (using http)

Is the SD database ORACLE 10 or 11

      If oracle, is installed (Part of ODAC 11,2 Release 3)


Connector Installation SM (if used)


Is SM7 or SM9 installed and working correctly

Are the webservices available

Does the WSDL path deviate from the web service URL

Are the webservice login and password available

Do you know the SM7 database connection parameters/connectionstring





Is the SMTP server available

Is LDAP being used

Is Active Directory Used

If LDAP or AD is used, is the main DN of the users known

If LDAP or AD is used, is there an ldap search account available (login / password)

Is the folder where to put all attachments known (Can become large)